What’s The Grype?

THE GRYPE is essentially an attempt to create a digitized internet expression of the same emotions depicted in Edvard Munch’s1 famous painting “The Scream”2 (see below).


Except none of us like to work in oils. Plus, it’s already been painted (see above). Also, it’s a bit scary and off-putting in that seriously askew way that only fully manifests itself in the work of certain Norwegian impressionists3or maybe in some of Goya’s4 darker work. Or the half-head grotesques of Francis Bacon5 (that’s Bacon the 20th century painter, not Bacon the 17th century scientist6).

THE GRYPE is a modern translation of the same level of frustration and despair, squeezed into funny little comic strips depicting the truly banal evil7 that lies at the very heart of darkness8 which comprises existence in the cripplingly inefficient, heart-rending corporate machine.

Plus… “funny.” So, there’s also that. Absurdism9 is a big part of what we are doing here.

Okay, so, maybe THE GRYPE actually has more in common with the works of playwright satiricist Molière10 than with Munch’s painting. Or even better, with Samuel Beckett’s11 crazy show Waiting For Godot12. What a weird play that is, am I right?

Fine, then. No more comparisons.

THE GRYPE is its own reason.


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