Once upon a time, there was a country where people took pride in their work; where industrious, benevolent companies were full of devoted and hardworking employees who were invariably rewarded for their skill and talent, not passed over or marginalized so lazy and feckless suck-ups could be promoted instead. Those companies were founded by somebody’s ambitious great-grandfather in a simpler time when hard work was the coinage of industry and middle-management comprised a much-smaller proportion of the work force.

But, as so often happens over lengthy timelines where the truth is selectively re-interpreted and disguised in the form of charts and graphs and other complicated visual tools, the situation changed. Slowly but inexorably the forces of greed, laziness, inefficiency, and man’s inhumanity to man (business edition) quelled the innovation and productivity at many of those companies, strip-mining them and warping them into ill-fitting corporate molds, squeezing every last bit of pride and dignity from the lengthy working hours of the employees. Metaphorically speaking it wasn’t all that different from being slowly and uncomfortably squeezed into a formless, unfeeling pulp… as if flattened beneath the unstoppable crushing force of a huge, squishy, smelly orange blob.

And on that note: welcome to The Grype.