We received the book from the printers few month ago and I’ve been working to get them into the local book stores. We’re now available in The Comic Store in Lancaster city,  Complete In Box in Ephrata, and AAron’s Books in Lititz. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet make sure you stop in to one of these great locations and ask for it by name. Let’s get the word out. I also wanted to let you know we are working on issue #2. We’re going to try to keep it as a print-only comic from now on, and you guys can help with that. Tell all your friends about Robot E Lee. Let’s get all the copies of issue #1 sold, and we won’t have to run a Kickstarter for issue 2. That doesn’t mean that Robot E Lee will not be seen on the interwebs anymore, though. After all that’s where he was born! I want to keep this section of our site for short “one-off” comics of robotic absurdity. Whatever comes to my mind… which is basically how issue #1 happened. So stay tuned.