Bloom steps behind the counter

—His grace phoned down twice this morning, Red Murray said gravely.

They watched the knees, legs, boots vanish. Neck.

A telegram boy stepped in nimbly, threw an envelope on the counter and stepped off posthaste with a word:


Mr Bloom said slowly:

—Well, he is one of our saviours also.

A meek smile accompanied him as he lifted the counterflap, as he passed in through a sidedoor and along the warm dark stairs and passage, along the now reverberating boards. But will he save the circulation? Thumping. Thumping.

He pushed in the glass swingdoor and entered, stepping over strewn packing paper. Through a lane of clanking drums he made his way towards Nannetti’s reading closet.


crosierThe only thing about this passage that had me confused was the title. I actually didn’t know what a Crozier is. I looked it up and found that it’s the staff carried by high level Catholic Priests ( source ). This actually didn’t help me understand the heading at all. However, the seeming trivialness of the titles in this episode seems to be by design. It is meant to be a reference to the triviality of daily news headlines. ( source ) ( source ) The lack of clear meaning and misleading nature of daily news headlines is something that rings VERY relevant today.