GrÿperdämmerungWelcome back, Grypsters! After a lengthy hiatus to recover from our annual summer apocalyptic giant robot extravaganza, we here at The Grype are celebrating the return of cooler weather by finally getting off our lazy butts to make more comics. We know you’re waiting with bated breath for the next thrilling adventure of the Grype; plus our old friend Robot E Lee will soon be back in the mix, safely ensconced in his familiar black & white format and still seeking the elusive truth about his strange existence in the 21st century.

We’re also going to try to step back a bit from the “lengthy droning blog” format we’ve done until now. We still have a lot to say about the world in general and corporate malfeaseance in particular— but we hope the long rambles will be way shorter, fewer, and farther between. It’s finally occurred to us that corporate malfeaseance is the rule rather than the exception, and there’s essentially no end to the amount of bitching we could do here on the topic. Which gets tedious after awhile… so henceforth we’ll reserve our choicest barbs only for the juiciest of targets.

We hope our fans find our third year more “endearing” while sparing them the “enduring.” More Grype, and less “gripe.” More blob, less blog. And other witty snippets to that effect.