Everybody Must Get TonedLast Saturday a number of organized rallies were held in protest of agricultural giant Monsanto and its genetically modified seeds. It was supposedly staged in 52 countries and 436 cities around the world, though evidence of it in the press was pretty scant. And by “scant” I mean “essentially non-existent.”

Hardly surprising. Corporate spin-doctors have grown brutally effective at keeping certain stories out of the mainstream media lately. Since that same corporate conglomerate is backed 100% by our government (and is often, for all intents and purposes, identical to our government), it makes sense they can squeeze big media to do their bidding and minimize such reporting. Remember all the press when the Occupy movement first began? Yes. Remember the huge outcry in the press later, when the Occupy protests were violently, systematically broken apart in a series of coordinated police assaults?

Don’t remember the second part? No one does. Because it got almost zero press coverage.

Facebook is on board with such censorship too, since the majority of its stock is owned by those same corporate interests. So when Facebook started targeting anti-Monsanto and anti-GMO postings by suspending protester user accounts on trumped up charges of “spam” and “child abuse” (some accounts showed pictures from the protest that contained smiling images of—gasp! CHILDREN!), again, it was a pretty transparent attempt at information suppression.

Look… it happens. All the time. Control the money, and you control the government. Control the media, and you control the mob. Control both, and you run the country. Checkmate.

I’m no longer surprised at furtive reports that cartoonishly-creepy biotech corporations like Myriad Genetics are actually trying to legally patent individual human genes they didn’t invent. Because such blatant money-grabs are the new norm in R&D departments throughout the whole American biotech industry.

The FDA recently stopped Wrigley Chewing Gum from selling a gum called “Alert”— with added caffeine. Why not? We already dump horrific amounts of salt and sugar into everything we eat. Nicotine gum invented to aid ex-smokers is now being chewed by users who NEVER smoked, but who apparently LIKE the addictive nicotine buzz. So-called “energy drinks” are just syrupy mini-sodas with extra caffeine. Why not caffeinated candy and chips to keep consumers alert while they gorge themselves on ever-skyrocketing amounts of sugar, salt, and paper mâché paste—whoops, sorry, I meant “processed flour.” Same thing, really.

Our corporate-controlled government squabbles over the biggest source of sucker income ever produced in the history of the world— American tax revenue. But criminals among us continue to export the fruits of their productivity overseas. NOT “products”— MONEY. Right now almost three quarters of all American currency in existence is in the form of stacks of hundred dollar bills cached overseas by foreign nationals and agents of the American super rich, who hoard that currency beyond the reach of Federal taxation. Leaving less to pay the expenses of American citizens and their interests, like infrastructure, roads, bridges, etc. As the rich funnel the money out, the government squeezes the Middle Class for more. And so on.

Shouldn’t our media warn us? Don’t hold your breath. When a local tourism firm in Lancaster Pennsylvania recently challenged the libelous bullshit packaged by the “reality” TV producers of that idiotic fantasy show “Amish Mafia,” the Discovery Channel threatened to sue Lancaster businesses for exposing Amish Mafia— filmed in Lancaster— as a ridiculous lie. Which it totally is. Everything about it.

Launching a lawsuit in defense of a profitable lie is still the first line of defense in our brave, crazily-incorporated new world.