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The Adventures of Robot E Lee: Issue #1!

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We’ve officially published our first comic book! Printed on actual PAPER and everything! Now you can enjoy the adventures of your favorite Confederate mechanical automaton in the lush analog format his tales so richly deserve.


 The money from our successful Kickstarter campaign has helped defray the printing and shipping costs. That means there are now 1000 limited-edition copies of the first issue in existence, and we are arranging to sell them at local comic book stores in the Lancaster area as well as through direct sales via the internet. Of course the more comics we sell, the closer we get to quitting our day jobs– which means you guys get more comics! Seriously though… if you’re a fan of independent comics; if you’re a champion of avant-garde art projects; or if you simply have a soft spot in your heart for Civil War-era robots with inexplicable talking Ray Guns… please consider supporting our vision in any way you can.

Special thanks to all of our Kickstarter supporters, without whom this would never have been possible. Their prizes included: signed first editions of Robot E Lee #1; original, limited-edition hand-printed engravings of Robot E Lee; and advertising space in the actual comic (plus a call out on the Thank You page). Three lucky contributors qualified for a delicious burrito DINNER with the creative team at our culinary HQ, Neato Burrito (in Lancaster, PA– site of 2012’s infamous “Battle of GrypeCo”) AND two lucky contributors gained the opportunity to appear as characters in the exciting first issue of Robot E Lee (and trust us– appear they do, to awesome effect).


Behold our hero, finally immortalized in engraving.
Carved from the very metal whence he was hewn!

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limited edition ENGRAVINGS of our hero!

Keep supporting us, look for copies of Robot E Lee #1 to appear at comic book stores in the Lancaster, PA area–including The Comic Store in Lancaster city, Complete in Box in Ephrata, PA, and Aaron’s Books in Lititz, PA.

Or you can order one directly, by clicking the PayPal button below (you don’t need a PayPal account to buy one this way– just a credit card).


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Or, if you’d like, you can just click the button and order BOTH a copy of Robot E Lee Issue #1 AND one of the limited edition engraving prints, and save on postage.


PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

And always remember The South Shall Rise Again (figuratively, of course). Wah-hoo!

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