Back And To The Right

Last week I spent several hours advising my teenage daughter what classes she should take when she begins High School next year.

While doing so it became painfully obvious to me that the public school system seems specifically and doggedly determined to nudge its students in a recurring direction, one that practically guarantees she’ll be in the perfect position to sign up for a ridiculously-long, criminally-unfair, ultra-high-interest college loan that will potentially ruin her life for 20 years (or more) as it squeezes every last bit of potential revenue out of her.

Money that our Federal government HAS ALREADY SPENT.

Anyone who has seen the movie The Matrix should be familiar with how the machines in that fictional dystopian future succeed in turning most of the surviving humans into “batteries” that endlessly generate electricity for their mechanical overlords, from birth to death.

Our government-sponsored corporate society and commercial education system is doing the same thing to our children. Except instead of electricity, it’s turning them into generators of “money.”

Most of which, upon graduation, will get fast-tracked into corporate business in the private sector, as another cog in the eternally moneymaking machine for our corporate overlords.

Worst of all is— it’s not even our children’s EARNING ABILITY or PRODUCTIVITY that is most valued, for the future of our country. Nope— they’ve rigged the college loan system to go straight for the throat and EXTRACT MONEY DIRECTLY FROM OUR KIDS BEFORE THEY CAN EVEN EARN IT.

The real modern definition of “corporatization” is “to monetize an activity or enterprise by organizing it is such a way that it is mutually owned by a group of individuals or interests whose sole function as shareholders is to extract money (dividends) by skimming profit off the top.”

Our forefathers— this nation’s founders— were well-aware that such an organized money-harvesting mechanism would ultimately breed a new plutocratic oligarchy that existed like leeches, sucking the financial lifeblood of the common citizenry until the country was ruined. That’s why corporations were initially ILLEGAL in the USA, and— in the special instances when they were allowed— were tightly controlled, and limited by time. They could only be formed for a short term to support one specific project for the good of the public, after which it (the corporation) must be abolished.

Our forefathers KNEW that, because they had experienced mistreatment at the hands of all-powerful corporations in Europe.

Eventually, of course, the creeping tide of corporatism would seep its way into our daily lives as the wealthy and corrupt used their money reserves to erode those protective laws (and others like them) to pave the way for the massive money-harvesting operations that now dominate all American business.

It only stands to reason that they would eventually “privatize” (corporatively monetize) the public universities and school system, adding them to the list of activities and enterprises enlisted to generate more money to be skimmed by the corporate machine. Preemptively harvesting money off the backs of our children, before they even enter the workforce.

If anything has been inarguably proven true of this country, it’s that no one gets ANYTHING in the United States of Corporate America for free. The mafia-like strong-arm tactics employed by our corporate-government-complex to squeeze protection dollars and “just being alive” fees from the general public has become the new normal. Organized business is rapidly devolving to the level of organized crime as standards erode and we are gradually squeezed out of existence at the behest of the richest shareholders.

“Land of the free.”