His eyes sought answer from the river and saw a rowboat rock at anchor on the treacly swells lazily its plastered board.


Good idea that. Wonder if he pays rent to the corporation. How can you own water really? It’s always flowing in a stream, never the same, which in the stream of life we trace. Because life is a stream. All kinds of places are good for ads. That quack doctor for the clap used to be stuck up in all the greenhouses. Never see it now. Strictly confidential. Dr Hy Franks. Didn’t cost him a red like Maginni the dancing master self advertisement. Got fellows to stick them up or stick them up himself for that matter on the q. t. running in to loosen a button. Flybynight. Just the place too. POST NO BILLS. POST 110 PILLS. Some chap with a dose burning him.

Blazes boylan and molly bloom in a tryst

If he…?



No… No.

No, no. I don’t believe it. He wouldn’t surely?

No, no.

annotation: Dr Hy Franks was actually John Farlow, and operated under the pseudonym of Frank’s. He was aparently a quack doctor well known in Dumlblin at the time. You can read his full account here.