Leopold Bloom exits a church buttoning his shirt

He stood up. Hello. Were those two buttons of my waistcoat open all the time? Women enjoy it. Never tell you. But we. Excuse, miss, there’s a (whh!) just a (whh!) fluff. Or their skirt behind, placket unhooked. Glimpses of the moon. Annoyed if you don’t. Why didn’t you tell me before. Still like you better untidy. Good job it wasn’t farther south. He passed, discreetly buttoning, down the aisle and out through the main door into the light. He stood a moment unseeing by the cold black marble bowl while before him and behind two worshippers dipped furtive hands in the low tide of holy water. Trams: a car of Prescott’s dyeworks: a widow in her weeds. Notice because I’m in mourning myself. He covered himself. How goes the time? Quarter past. Time enough yet. Better get that lotion made up. Where is this? Ah yes, the last time. Sweny’s in Lincoln place. Chemists rarely move. Their green and gold beaconjars too heavy to stir. Hamilton Long’s, founded in the year of the flood. Huguenot churchyard near there. Visit some day.

He walked southward along Westland row. But the recipe is in the other trousers. O, and I forgot that latchkey too. Bore this funeral affair. O well, poor fellow, it’s not his fault. When was it I got it made up last? Wait. I changed a sovereign I remember. First of the month it must have been or the second. O, he can look it up in the prescriptions book.


Prescott's dye works adI didn’t really understand the reference to Prescott’s dyeworks and joyceimages.com helped by pointing out that there were advertisements for the dyeworks on the back of Dublin tramcar tickets. (source ) I thought perhaps a widow in her weeds was some kind of reference to the imagery in the ad but couldn’t confirm that anywhere. I did find another version of Prescott’s ads. I also found out via  The Economy of Ulysses: Making Both Ends Meet that one of their ads appeared in The Freeman Journal on June 16th 1904. ( source )

I realized after drawing several images of the Church Bloom visits would probably be easy to find out. So I just checked churches on Westland Row and found St Andrews. ( wiki )    I had originally planned to draw angels on either side of Bloom as he exited the church but when I saw the church I decided to tone it down, although I did add some embellishment to the facade.