Dedalus with three nooses around him

The same room and hour, the same wisdom: and I the same. Three times now. Three nooses round me here. Well? I can break them in this instant if I will. —Because you don't save, Mr Deasy said, pointing his finger. You don't know yet what money is. Money is power. When you have lived as long as I have. I know, I know. If youth but knew. But what does Shakespeare say? Put … [Read More...]

the grype


All serious cognitive interchange begins with assumptions, proposals, ideas, concepts, and theoretic modeling. What occurs afterward, when such matters are examined (and to what manner of testing— assuming there is testing at all— those ideas are subjected) determines their provable truth value. The importance of which may be subjective to people in general, but some measure of which is … [Read More...]

Robot E Lee

Robot E Lee tries to stop a man who is distracted by his smart phone

ROBOT E LEE WAR JOURNAL: 20th August, 2015 Considering how advanced modern handheld technology has become, it seems strange to me that makers of these "smart phones" don't equip them with proximity warning alerts to lessen the number of unintentional obstacle collisions. … [Read More...]

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