armstrong is not listening to Stephen

—You, Armstrong, Stephen said. What was the end of Pyrrhus? —End of Pyrrhus, sir? —I know, sir. Ask me, sir, Comyn said. —Wait. You, Armstrong. Do you know anything about Pyrrhus? A bag of figrolls lay snugly in Armstrong's satchel. He curled them between his palms at whiles and swallowed them softly. Crumbs adhered to the tissue of his lips. A sweetened boy's … [Read More...]

the grype


Right now, I'm a huge fan of Bernie Sanders for the exact same reason I am (horribly) amused by the antics of Donald Trump: In both cases, the spokesman in question is holding the feet of all the other candidates of his party to the fire, forcing them to admit their otherwise-unstated positions and defend their relevance. They are dragging the other candidates out of their comfort zone kicking … [Read More...]

Robot E Lee

Robot E Lee stands ready opposite a disgusting internet troll

ROBOT E LEE WAR JOURNAL: 23rd July, 2015 I had long believed "trolls" to be mere mythical creatures from storybooks, until a comrade related tales of his recent battle with an Internet Troll. I naturally offered my assistance, and after searching many a basement dungeon I eventually located the beast. It was smaller in stature than I expected, yet smellier and far more grotesque. … [Read More...]

Arts & Culture

a large lion teaches a small lion the ways of the kingdom

The sad truth about wildlife preservation everywhere the light touches... … [Read More...]