Stephen listened in scornful silence. She bows her old head to a voice that speaks to her loudly, her bonesetter, her medicineman: me she slights. To the voice that will shrive and oil for the grave all there is of her but her woman's unclean loins, of man's flesh made not in God's likeness, the serpent's prey. And to the loud voice that now bids her be silent with … [Read More...]

the grype


There's currently a line of popular thinking that disparages younger generations for being hopelessly out-of-the-loop regarding current events. But is that really true? Because despite complaints that younger people devote less time to "the news" than their elders, that's NOT really a recent development. The percentage of "time spent reading or listening to the news in 2015" according to the … [Read More...]

Robot E Lee

robot e lee seeks refuge behind a barrier from iPhone users hate

ROBOT E LEE WAR JOURNAL: 21th May, 2015 After my recent discoveries regarding the iPhone, I felt it was my civic duty to warn several other iPhone users about the extreme design flaw inherent to the device. But inexplicably, their reaction was so vehemently hostile I was compelled to seek refuge from their vicious barrage of expletives and an accompanying bombardment of assorted ironic scarves and … [Read More...]

Arts & Culture


Here at The Cracked Looking Glass we love Kickstarter. We funded our first in print comic book using it, and it allowed us to produce a product far superior to what we would otherwise have been able to come up with (funded with just the loose change we poor artists could scrape from our car ashtrays or from between our couch cushions). It enabled us to produce something of which we are genuinely … [Read More...]