About Team Grype


The original creators of TheGrype were a team of upwardly-mobile, phenomenally-talented, multi-vocational artists who couldn’t help but notice that they─ like so many other creative workers and skilled employees in present-day America─ were trapped in a weird, Kafkaesque business landscape which constantly subjected them to seemingly-arbitrary acts of corporate malfeasance and bizarre sequences of incomprehensible, irresponsible mismanagement of resources and opportunities, frustratingly punctuated by the near-criminal inefficiency of upper-level managers and company executives who really ought to know better (and who, in point of fact, get PAID to know better)…yet who vapidly allow the cycle to perpetuate itself, ad infinitum, ad nauseam, while obsessing over the color of their neckties.

Rather than succumbing to mind-numbing, soul-killing despair and an inevitable plunge into gibbering madness, in a sudden fit of whimsy our heroes have instead wisely decided to preserve their sanity by funneling their shared observations into a series of observational essays, cartoons, and blog entries wherein they gripe.

Except “gripe.com” was already taken. So was “thegripe.com.” So was everything else that any bandwidth-addled cyber-squatter could program his DNS-bot to scrape and mass register during the mindless gold-rush heydey of the 90’s dotcom boom. And look how well THAT worked out for everyone involved.

Thus TheGrype.com was born. The original team consisted of three artists: Jake penciled the comic, Tyler was the colorist and formatted the comic paneling and lettering, and Mark scripted the comic and authored the accompanying blog. These production duties gradually settled solely on Mark.

Three years, thousands of Facebook likes and 250 Grypes later, TheGrype moved to a new online server where its focus was broadened to include CULTURAL malfeasance. Which essentially encompasses anything that pisses us off or strikes us as annoyingly ironic.

Welcome to THE GRYPE.

The “y” stands for yeast, btw. Read the comic. You’ll figure it out.

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